Get Out

Was Get Out really as good as everyone said it was? Is its 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes justified? In this episode, Simon B and guest psychics Tom Wood and Kieran Howe put their filmic powers to the test - and then find out who was correct.


Was Colossal as funny as all the review quotes in the trailer? Or an overhyped quirky concept? Does Simon manage to catch a bus by the end of the episode? Our best screen psychics are on the case - let's find out who was right!

Power Rangers

Will Power Rangers be yet another failed attempt at rebooting an old franchise? Or one of those rare occasions when a filmmaker takes on a tired IP and gives it new life? Our resident screen psychics claimed to know the answer before it was even released - let's see who was correct!


Will LIFE breathe new LIFE into the sci-fi horror genre? And what are better names for Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal? We called on screen psychic Matt Glasson to help predict the future - and then find out who was right.